Vulnerable Customers Policy
Last Updated on 1st August 2021
Vulnerable Customers Policy for MCR.MARKETING

Executive Summary

MCR.MARKETING recognises that some customers we come into contact with will be vulnerable in
the context of how we interact with them, by virtue of their personal circumstances.

As a provider of products and services, we have a duty and obligation to ensure that all elements of our work are consistent with our values, and that we make reasonable adjustments and put in place appropriate additional support mechanisms to take account of these needs and to ensure such customers are not at risk of undue detriment.

This policy is intended for use by internal staff and will be available as a notice on the website and is designed to ensure that we meet not just our legal and regulatory requirements, but also the codes of the professional bodies to which we are members, and the ethical standards that we set ourselves as part of our company values.

Because of our values, MCR.MARKETING is committed to ensuring anyone who interacts with all consumers, its staff, and volunteers, working with vulnerable individuals will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the risks of harm to welfare are minimised and that they are treated fairly. This will be done through adherence to this policy and by ensuring the practice of safe recruitment in checking suitability of staff and volunteers working with vulnerable adults.

MCR.MARKETING is committed to providing appropriate support to vulnerable customers and this forms part of the MCR.MARKETING wider commitment to ensuring our services meet the obligations of the Equality Act 2010.

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