Running a Business? 
No time to do the Marketing?
New to business and need a Kickstart?
- or do you just dread the thought of  Marketing?
We all know the only way to succeed is by "Taking Action" - Now you can without lifting a finger!
"Finally! Let's Get the Ball Rolling to Get You More Leads!"
"Want to Know the Quick Way to Get Started Selling Online?
Get Someone to Do it For You!!"

From Bryan Pilkington
Founder MCR Marketing
Cheshire, UK

Dear Friend,

I know you're a local business owner, Startup or aspiring entrepreneur who’s working hard to bring in revenue.

But maybe you're stuck in the day-to-day activities of running the business or spinning wheels trying to get started.

There is a simple answer to get you out of the weeds, or kickstart your business, it is simply to get and keep more customers, and bring in extra life changing profit.

We can get more customers through creating a digital marketing campaign, and make sure we are still paying ourselves a decent wage by watching the numbers.

But, it is sometimes difficult to kick the wheels of marketing into action, as today it is complicated, with many marketing channels and pitfalls to watch out for.

It takes time and energy to work through all the many technical obstacles and we are bombarded with far too many distractions that knock us off track!

Who is it For?

  • Startups
  • Business owners who want to get on with doing business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • ​People who dread marketing 
  • People who ​have no time to do it
  • ​Anyone who is baffled by the myriad of online strategies
  • ​Business owners who want a ready made solution

Why Do We Need It?

We need it to make our Business a Success

What makes a success of a business?

We must Get and Keep More Customers

Question to ask yourself: What have you done today to get more customers?

Depending on your answer, you will know if you need our help

To get and keep more customers, there are a few tactics to be aware of:

  • You need a great product or service
  • With a website set up to attract and convert 
  • ​Pushing targeted visitors to your offer
  • Who will be fed into a CRM that will nurture the prospects

Taking Action  

Your "Done For You" Digital Marketing Service from MCR Marketing

We will:

• Help you to do more business online, so you can concentrate on running your business.

• We will take care of your marketing.

• Help you convert your ad ideas into working ads on Facebook and Google Ads.

• Help you instantly produce customized, professional-level ads to sell anything.

The Marketing Service
We offer a 6 Month Package
A seasoned marketer knows that you have to be in the game for at least six months in order to create a consistent stream of leads
Real world example:
Month 1: set up assets
Months 2 - 3: audience and ad optimisation
Months 4 - 6: scaling for increased conversions
What will you get?
#1 Your Shop Window a.k.a the Landing Page - somewhere to sell your stuff!

Depending on your business and abjectives, we will create for you your shop window to sell your product(s) or service on the internet. You have 5 options:

>> A one-page long-form lead-gen landing page – simple but effective - ideal for a local business or single product/service vendor - the aim is to convert a visitor into a prospect / customer.

>> Lead Magnet or Bridge funnel for building your email (prospect) list or selling affiliate products.

>> An Ecommerce website for selling multiple products, with the added bonus of accessing local drop shipping products if required!

>> A single product sales funnel - for aspiring entrepreneurs, who wish to get into selling on the internet, we have various info products you can sell with their own landing page 

>> Your existing website - if you wish to use your existing website, we will review your site with the aim to increase conversions. The actions on the review can then be implemented by your web team.
You can still use your existing website in conjunction with one of our lead generation landing pages.

#2 Audience and keyword research, we target the relevant people for your product or service - arguably THE most important task - you will FAIL if you are not targeting YOUR audience!!

#3 SEO Optimisation - we make sure your shop window is optimised for rankings on the search engines (Google, Bing etc)

#4 SEO Boost - we provide an initial SEO authority backlinking boost to get your site seen and indexed by the search engines.

#5 The Traffic

Traffic + Conversions = SUCCESS

Paid ads are the quickest route to leads. We can control ad spend, monitor conversions, and refine campaigns to keep within our profitable return on ad spend.

Organic traffic, (free) traffic is obviously ideal, but it can be inconsistent, and always at risk from Google ranking algorithm changes, so our aim is to analyse your paid ads to give us a profitable consistent return.

We will provide paid ads management for the following channels:

 - Google ads

 - Facebook ads

 - LinkedIn ads if applicable to niche

 - Bing (Microsoft) ads

 - Any other channel you may be using

 - Re-marketing and pixel tracking

 - Access to free paid ads vouchers for new advertising customers

#6 Your Follow Up: the money "is" in the list!

Also, as an added, but essential extra, we will link it to a CRM and/or an email marketing program, so you can warm sell and manage your precious contacts.

If you have an existing CRM, that is okay, ideally it should have a web form and autoresponder module built in.

We will also create your first six welcome emails to send via your autoresponder to your newly acquired contacts!


- if your product/service needs another specific advertising channel for your paid ads e.g., FieldTest or similar, then we'll manage your specific ad channel.

- We manage the campaigns; you provide the ad spend. You do not need to use all the marketing channels, and you can begin marketing at £1 per day ad spend. Although the advised minimum ad spend is usually £5 per day (due to the typical cost per click); i.e. the ad spend is in addition to the bundle offer price!

- Fair use limitation: for each channel the management fee includes five campaigns, 20 ad groups and 20K monthly ad spend. If you need more, just request a quote in your members area. For most businesses the marketing package will be enough to get you leads, while profitable channels are established.

- Email is unlimited (subject to fair use policy), the third party CRM marketing pipeline we use is up to 500 contacts for free, but upgradeable as and when needed e.g., 50,000 contacts is only $35.99 / month. You can use any CRM as long as it has web form and autoresponder modules.

- Campaigns are optimised and reported upon on a monthly basis.

- You can renew your package at the same discounted rate.

#7 Your GMB - if you are a local business we will set up / optimise your Google My Business listing - a local business has to use GMB!!

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to create the funnel you want while also creating compelling, custom, high-converting ads fast without lifting a finger just by letting us handle all the details for you?
Next steps: 
After purchase you will be prompted to set up your membership access.

Marketing Service setup instructions are in your members area


I recently left my previous role to set up my own clinic. I needed 8 appointments a week to break even, with the help from Bryan I now have 12 per day! And discussing ways to expand... 
- Wendy (health practitioner)


I have known/worked with Bryan for about 4 years now. During this period of time he has helped propel our website on to page one of most of the major search engine's for the key words we chose. Not only has he helped get us there his advice, knowledge and expertise in the SEO field has ensured we remain there too. This has been crucial in ensuring we attract new customers on an almost daily basis.
He is friendly and very easy going and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough - Mark (Courier)


"Experience in digital advertising and SEO, Bryan has an holistic and results driven approach to campaigns, he is agile and adaptable to client needs
Experience in the following sectors:
"Retail, Professional Services, Marketing and Advertising, Media"
(Head of Marketing)

80% off Limited Time Offer!

Real World Costs of Marketing Online
The true value of this offer

Your Shop Window

(£2000+ value)

Audience Research

(£750 value)

SEO Optimisation

(£500+ value)

SEO Boost

(£500 value)

Paid Advertising Management for 4+ Channels - 6 months

(£7200 value)

CRM / Email / Autoresponder / Email Sequence setup (6 Welcome Emails)

(£700 value)

Google Local Business setup

(£500 value)

Total Value: (£12,150)

But the price today for the Total Marketing Package for 6 Months is only:
Let  the "Total Marketing Package" help kickstart your Internet Marketing to create a  successful business!
"Leaves you, as the business owner, time to work on your business"
  • ​Your Shop Window
  • ​Audience Research
  • ​SEO Optimisation
  • ​SEO Boost
  • ​Paid Advertising Management
  • ​CRM / Email Setup
  • Google Local Business
When You Order Your Total Marketing Package
You'll Also Get Access to Extra Resources in Your Members Are
Bonus - Business Development Resources
"Training that delivers real 'money in the bank' tactics that will work for both new and established online businesses!"
Total Value: £3000
  • Tools and Resources
  • Business Growth
  • Marketing Hacks
  • ​Marketing Strategies
  • What's Working Now
  • ​Business Mindset
  • ​Product Creation and Development
  • ​Plus many more topics to study!
    Get These Valuable Resources When You Order the 'DFY Total Marketing Package' Today! 
    There Is NO CATCH!
    There's NO hidden "continuity, re-billing or membership program"

    Time Is Of The Essence...
    This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.

    Now, this "DFY Total Marketing Package" offer can't last forever... So don't wait!

    This can go up in price at any time, as we near our limit of how many clients we can take on.

    All you need to do is register below and you can get started right away, where-ever you are, (even if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning!).
    Here's My "Cooling Off" Guarantee
    If the one time investment wasn’t enough to get you off the fence, I am going to make this decision 100% risk free… a 7 day "cooling off" period money back guarantee is included in the offer!
    Just drop me an email within 7 days of signing up and I’ll refund your management fee. No questions asked.
    30 Day Guarantee Image
    You Must Act Fast!
    Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order the "DFY Total Marketing Package"
    YES BRYAN! Give Me Instant Access To The "DFY Total Marketing Package" RIGHT NOW !
      Your Shop Window                                                    (Value £2000)
      Audience Research                                                    (Value £750)
      SEO Optimisation                                                        (Value £500)
      SEO Boost                                                                     (Value £500)
      Paid Advertising Management (6 months)           (Value £7200)
      CRM / Email / Autoresponder Sequence                  (Value £700)
      Google Local Business setup                                     (Value £500)
    Total Value: (£12,150)
    Today Just £2,495
    This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your DFY Marketing Package Today!

    Looking forward to your business success!

    Thanks again,
    Bryan J. Pilkington
    P.S. Worried there’s going to be hidden fees?  Rest assured there's no upsell / downsell,  continuity, re-billing or membership program!

    Any sales / support questions please email

    We provide services to financial clients, so you can also be rest assured we are an FCA authorised agency.
    You can renew your service, at the SAME DISCOUNTED price, after your package period has ended.
    P.P.S. The bonus business development coaching can not last long, once we have filled all the slots it will end.
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      Audience Research
      SEO Optimisation
      SEO Boost
      Paid Advertising Management
      CRM / Email
      Google Local Business setup
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